Led Watch Sport Car

Speedometer for daily speed

Led Watch Sport Car with a speedometer differs from any other LED wristwatches due its truly masculine character. But this does not mean that Led Watch Sport Car will not be adored by girls. Sex and age are not important when it comes to car loving, speed and everything related to it. The watch is called "Speedometer" because it resembles the control panel of a sport car. All surrounding people will immediately realize what the owner of this accessory is passionate about.

Binary Speedometer watch displays 4 speedometers at once. Led Watch Sport Car is equipped with a control panel consisting of several speedometers. All of them differ in size and content. The first shows current time, the second shows date, the third shows day of the week and the fourth is the indicator of the time of day. For convenience, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted so that the watch does not hurt eyes in the dark and could display the data at bright natural light. As for the masculine character, which we mentioned above, this watch is afraid of almost nothing. It is made an impact-resistant metals alloy. Therefore, Led Watch Sport Car will keep working regardless of its owner’s habits.

Who should own a control panel-shaped watch?Watch-speedometer should be bought as a gift to all speed lovers and car owners. And of course everyone has such a friend who likes to talk about cars and knows everything about them even though he does not own any yet. So if you are searching for a gift to such a person - consider that you have already found it!

Led Watch Sport Car

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Choose the color of your speed! Order red, blue or black Speed Watch now and enjoy your drive!

Led Watch Sport Car features:

  • Material: alloy of metals, silica gel;
  • Strap color: black;
  • LEDs color: blue, white;
  • Mechanism type: electronic;
  • The dial is made in a shape of a car control panel;
  • Indicators: time, date, day of the week, time of day;
  • Time format: 12-hour;
  • Adjustable brightness of LEDs;
  • Auto backlight function: you can set the time interval for switching on the backlight;
  • Power: 3V battery;
  • Wrist circumference: 17-22 cm;
  • Dial dimensions: 4 * 3.8 cm;
  • Watch screen dimensions: 2.8 * 3.1 cm;
  • Strap width: 0.3 cm;
  • Weight: 75 g.



Great product!

The watch looks massive but it’s very light. The dial is unusual with many parameters. But I figured out everything in one day. The instruction helped to set everything up quickly.Recommend to all car lovers!



Thanks for quick delivery!



Perfect stuff!

Just as described, it looks gorgeous. Solid design and concept. It met all my expectations. It does what a watch is meant to do, tell time. And it does it in a cool automotive way. Perfect for automotive enthusiast!!!



Fast delivery!

Cool unique and futuristic watch. I love cars and love unique stuff. So how can it get any better? So if u love cars u got to get it!

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